After a long struggle with the blindness of performers, selection of options for example and endless conversations about the concept of the logo, the founder of the company for wholesale jewelry and women’s accessories Olga decided to contact us. We took into account all previous attempts to achieve a suitable option, listened carefully and filled out a detailed brief for logo development.



We decided to use the modern and popular “Lettering”style as a basis. Lettering is an artistic style in which letters are drawn. One of the founders of which is Marjan Banges. The logo consists of a font block that includes two words: ACS-short for the word accessories (accessories) and Store (store) and a graphic block that We beat with a crystal with transparent connections. So We revealed the idea of subtlety and playfulness of the female nature and thanks to this we were able to develop a logo that fully satisfied all the wishes of Olga. It became the Foundation for the development of further corporate identity and advertising and printing products, site development.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

The workflow runs for 14 days. 5 initial variants were drawn, and we selected 2 of them, the concept of which was implemented in the vector. And only after that, together with Olga, we selected and finalized the final version.