Landing page

A single-page website for a large manufacturing company should inspire confidence. This is how we developed the website for the company “ARMAKON”
From the first screen, you know where you are, this is especially important, because 50-60% of users decide to stay on the site after seeing it.



Video presentation


The most informative first screen includes: a menu containing the logo, full company contacts and opening hours, production address, capture form – all this is fixed and moves along with the vertical scrolling of the site, which improves efficiency and increases user convenience; a full description of the company’s activities and advantages.
Below is a stylized catalog of the company block, where You can download a complete list of products.
The next section contains a visual presentation of products and structures.
There is also an intermediate capture block, with an offer to find out about current special offers.
The section with a detailed description of the warranty is combined with the map of shipped products.
Just below is a section with a portfolio, reviews on letterhead, and companies that trust and cooperate with the company.
A section with frequently asked questions is highlighted so that each user can find exactly what is very important for them when choosing a supplier.
At the very bottom of the site, according to tradition, there are company details with a travel map. This time We combined them with information about the company and partners.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

On a mobile phone and tablet, the site version is adapted for viewing. You lekestue and without restriction receive the full information about your business, one click phone number to call the company to request for advice. Download the product catalog.