Logo development for an online auto parts store

It often happens that actively engaged in some business, We find a related direction, which can become very, very profitable. So it happened with our client, more than 5 years he owns a HUNDRED for passenger cars and things are going well, so he decided to try to sell auto parts. We took on the task of building a new brand for it and finding a suitable concept.


The visual and recognition


It was based on symbols that almost all car owners know: speedometer, piston and wheel. Then we took 3 colors to convey the meaning: black-means status, orange-positive and active, and gray-means maturity. The font part was mandatory, the client wanted the name to be present in the logo, and We found it by going through 13 different fonts. In this way, we managed to pass the quality and European level, while adapted to our clients from Belarus.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

During the development process, 5 different concepts were implemented, and yet we managed to come up with a decent version. We got so carried away that we also developed a poster for a service STATION and a graphic design for a corporate car.