Corporate portal for a law firm

The leaders of the organization had a task to breathe new life into the site that had been working for a long time. I wanted something fresh – but not very trendy, stylish-but not bright. After a short negotiation, We started drawing prototypes. After the first demonstration of our results, we were able to quickly find a common language and we started developing it.



Restraint and experience


For the main color was chosen – red, symbolizing the struggle, the struggle for their customers. The pictures on the main screen (the slider of the site) was taken in a Studio and processed by our photographer. The three main areas of the company are divided into a separate, next-in-order block. Below are answers to frequently asked questions when choosing legal services. Next comes the news and at the very bottom of the massive footer, densely filled with links to the pages of all sections of the site.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

The mobile and tablet versions are designed for viewing users from different operating systems and different sizes of gadgets. When viewing content and using the site, you will not need to zoom in, zoom out, or perform any other inconvenient actions.