Corporate website for a company that creates and implements interior design

Although the FlatART company is quite young, It has already tried many approaches over the Internet. They used 3 landing pages, made a fashionable one-screen site at the time, and even made a corporate website for the company. But in the end, we decided to pack all our competencies to the maximum in one large and elegant site, which will be used for continuous work with clients.



Design and mobility


At the first meeting, We immediately decided that the site will be stylish and elegant. But at the same time, there was a request to expand information about each implemented project of the company as informatively as possible. The main point of the whole design was images, and these are not just stock photos, but author’s photos of the company’s works. It is around them that We have built the whole concept. Visually, the site is divided into parts, each part has its own role. On the first screen, you are greeted by a stylish interior, with the main message of the company on top of the image. Just below a couple of lines about the company’s goals and values with a video clip. The next block contains a newly completed project and not just photos, but information about the task of this project and its implementation. Also, a video review of the owners and a video presentation of the finished interior. At the very bottom of the site, You can get to know the company’s employees and, of course, see their contacts and social networks.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

When you open the site on your mobile phone or tablet, you will be pleasantly surprised. The information content and the individuality of design solutions is absolutely harmonious in a compressed form. It is convenient to use the site.