Website of an official
Geely car dealer

We had to work with automotive topics for the first time. The task was to refresh the general concept of the positioning of the salon for the sale of cars of the brand Geely. Since salon representatives are official dealers, the main emphasis should be on a simple and modern design.

Corporate color and conciseness

The main color was taken blue – the color of the logo of the Geely brand. Since there is a lot of information about cars and I wanted to present it in as much detail and interesting as possible, a greater number of blocks on the site are designed visually using photographs, images and graphic elements. In order for the whole concept to be carried out in the same style, we even customized an interactive Google map.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

In the mobile and tablet versions of the site, absolutely all sections are available. When you click on the phone numbers, they automatically dial, when you click on the email address, the email client pops up with the beginning of the letter.