Royal garden

For many, landscape design is limited only to beautiful flower beds and live fences, but not for those who are engaged in it. These people are extremely creative and inventive. They are able to combine not only the beauty, but also the benefits of the location of flower beds, beds, paths and lanterns. One of these artists came to our Studio to develop a logo and this is what happened.



The subtlety and mentality


Since the type of activity is associated primarily with the green color, this is what We chose as the only one in the logo. Ornate lines emphasize the sinuousness and originality of nature itself. The font does not refer to foreign trends, but is as close as possible to the traditions and tastes of customers in Belarus. The crown located at the top reinforces the meaning of a special service and a level of responsibility for your business. The website development started with the logo, so we were able to implement the whole concept of design harmony with nature.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

Of course, it didn’t happen as quickly as We described. 3 days were spent on preliminary negotiations and discussion of the concept. Drawing 3 options takes 4 days. There are 2 more days to approve, select and complete one option.