Online storefront

The website of the manufacturer of women’s underwear should be stylish, modern and feminine. And at the same time, you should pay special attention to the content itself, that is, the products themselves.
The design is made in a minimalistic style, a simple white background immediately draws the attention of visitors to the images. Thus, the text located near them is read more often than usual.



Video presentation



The site menu includes only the most important items, without extra pages.
The main screen is a portfolio of products made in photos of excellent quality with the effect of flooding.
Just below is a summary of the manufacturer, which increases user engagement.
The following is a presentation of the new collection, the block is being edited and allows you to provide relevant products. When you hover over the image, we see the “substitution” effect.
Even below is a block with collections of underwear. It looks too simple, but if we look at each of them, we will see a stylish and very interesting solution.
At the bottom are reviews of satisfied customers and contacts with the work schedule, convenient for the eyes, divided into three sections.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

The mobile and tablet versions of the site are designed so that regardless of the resolution of your device, the content will be displayed correctly and acceptable for reading.