Corporate website for a company that sells rolled metal products

We were approached by a company that has been working for 6 years in the foreign markets of rolled metal with the task of changing the image of their image by means of rethinking the site and logo. Since we already have experience working with companies in this area, We are happy and very enthusiastic to implement this idea.



The clarity and informativeness



For the main color, we took blue and several shades of it, because this color expresses calm, loyalty and honesty. A large catalog of products sold, compact and convenient implemented using drop-down menus with categories and subcategories. A large list of advantages is displayed by a slider with convenient switching for both desktops and mobile devices. The company has something to be proud of and this can be seen from the projects displayed on the main page. In front of the footer is a graphic banner with the number of products shipped per month, which indicates the scale of activity. The “Partners” tab located in the site menu leads to a separate, single-page site, presented in English and Russian. Its goal is to attract foreign partners.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

Despite the fact that the site turned out to be massive, with a large amount of information, it can be easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets with different screen sizes.