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Ministry of industry of the Republic of Belarus

We are always happy to cooperate with state organizations, and we are proud that we are able to take an active part in updating and improving products that make it easier and more enjoyable for every citizen of our country to interact with state bodies.



Ease and simplicity



The main goal of the project was to update the appearance and simplify access to the necessary information. During the implementation, we had to work hard to sort out and organize everything that was on the old site. For the main color was taken blue – this color symbolizes calm and constancy. On the top panel of the site there are switches for language versions and activation of the version for the visually impaired. The main sections of the site are placed on the main page in a separate block, and all the others are placed in the side menu.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

Despite the large amount of information, we managed to make the mobile and tablet versions of the site convenient for searching for the necessary content.