Image site for a network of beauty salons

The owner of a chain of salons turned to us with her vision. She had a clear idea of what she wanted from her future site, but she couldn’t explain exactly how to implement it. That’s why We started with the design of the main page, in order to immediately determine the vector of the entire project. And we managed to hit the mark!




Tenderness and elegance



For the main color, we took yellow – the color that symbolizes warmth and joy. The main focus of the site was given to the titles, made in a handwritten style and soft blurring of images. Since joy is not the only thing that we wanted to convey to the site’s visitors, on the main page We placed the equipment used by the salon masters, reviews and an interactive map, which in turn emphasizes the status of the network company. Each separate page, for each service of the site is made as a landing page, with the most detailed information about the procedure.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

In the mobile version of the site, all content is placed on the screens of smartphones and tablets of large and small sizes without horizontal scrolling and distortion. You can easily read the list of services or make an appointment with a specialist.