Development of a catalog site for
the muscari textile Studio

The website of the textile Studio “Muscari “is easy to navigate and is not overloaded with design”excesses”. A concise solution does not prevent you from paying attention to the main thing – new collections of textiles, examples of works, news.



Video presentation



Special attention is paid to the first screen, which is a kind of business card of the project. Navigation buttons are displayed at the top, and a carousel of photos with examples of works and the main “chips” of the company is displayed just below. Among them: free departure of the designer, a wide selection of textiles from current collections for children’s rooms.
As noted above, moving around the muscari site.this is very convenient thanks to the buttons at the top of the screen. They give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Studio’s projects, as well as choose accessories for harmonious interior solutions. On the website you can choose the curtain rods, curtains and carpets from leading European manufacturers.
A separate tab is dedicated to the company’s services: design projects, sewing and hanging curtains, fabric sales, etc. To contact Studio representatives, you can use social networks whose buttons are placed on websites. Convenient, concise design of “works” on the result-allows you to make a choice, without distracting you with unnecessary details.

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The mobile version of the site works without distortion on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. On the road, at work or in a cafe-in any place where you need to get acquainted with the company’s services. Convenient and simple, muscari allows you to order interior services wherever it is convenient for you.