Website of the logistics trading company Opt Buy

In 1997, the company started its work and all this time it has been operating without representation on the Internet. But it is time to rebirth and enter the Internet. This is why the company’s Director contacted us.



Usability and mobility


The brand’s bright red color drains energy and cheerfulness. It is the main corporate color of the company, so We did not take any chances with controversial combinations and preferred minimalism in the design. It looks simple, but incredibly thoughtful and sustained design allows you to focus on the content, that is, information for users. We have identified the main directions of the company and significant figures in its development in separate blocks. We also brought out the most recent entries from the news section and added images to them. All this was seasoned with a simple footer with contacts and sections of the site. It turned out not flashy, stylish and bright.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

Thanks to technical optimization and work on the mobile version of the site, it looks great on tablets and smartphones of different sizes. It is convenient to visit sections of the site, and it is easy and pleasant to read information.