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Printing plant named after Ya. Kolas

“Books live as long as they are not only read, but also re – read” – this Golden quote belongs to the national poet and writer known throughout Belarus, Yakub Kolas. The oldest and most respected enterprise “Yakub Kolas polygraph Plant”, founded in 1956, is named after him. And after 7 years, in 1963, it produced up to 50 million copies of products. We are incredibly proud that our Studio has managed to breathe new life into the site of this enterprise.




History and status


Taking into account the huge background of the company, we certainly took the history as a basis. On the main page – the most important place of the site-there is a portrait of one of the most famous cultural figures of Belarus – Yakub Kolas. Just below are two large blocks with services and products. The products section implements the functionality of an online store with a shopping cart module and related products. Special attention is paid to the retail network and information about the company’s history. They are interactive, and moving along the slider over the years, You can get acquainted in detail with the most important dates of the life of the printing plant. The site is light and nostalgic, informative and informative.

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The mobile version of the site was not spared either. It is made in accordance with all screen resolutions and smartphone models. The content is user-friendly and readable. All titles and buttons are made so That you can easily hit them with your fingers.