Corporate portal

The project for the Association of Landscape Designers should be made in natural colors.
It may seem that this is another landing page, but after going through the menu pages You will see an extremely complex site architecture, with detailed design of each section and preserving the atmosphere of landscaping and landscaping.



Video presentation



The main screen immediately invites us to open the veil of mystery and learn all about the Association in detail.
Just below is a section with a brief presentation of upcoming events. When you click on the one you are interested in, you will be taken to the library, which is conveniently cataloged using the menu with sections on the left side of the screen.
Then there is a block with fresh news. Here you can find not only articles, but also global news of the landscape industry with innovations, events, and useful materials.
If you are so interested in the topic of gardening and landscaping that you are thinking of trying it out, the next block is for you. This section describes everything about how to become a member of the Association.
At the bottom of the site, attention is paid to partners whose contribution is very important for the development of Landscape business and, of course, contacts for communication.

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The mobile version of the site contains almost the entire amount of material presented on the site. Visiting it from your smartphone or tablet, You will not feel any discomfort or inconvenience. Easy-to-read location and nice “compressed” design will allow everyone to quickly find what they need.