Corporate site

The company’s head office is located in Switzerland, and 3 more are located in Belarus, Austria and Saint Petersburg. The company’s philosophy is responsibility towards nature, and its main activity is alternative energy sources: wind farms, landfill degassing plants, solar panels, biogas plants and mini-hydroelectric power plants. The company has not updated its website for 8 years and now the time has come.



Style and status


Since the company’s projects are implemented at the level of governments of different countries, the mandatory conditions of the design concept were seriousness and rigor combined with convenience for visitors. We took the color scheme from the company’s logo to form the overall brand book. The site is implemented with three language versions and therefore language switching is implemented so that it can be found immediately – to the right of the logo in the site header. The main directions are highlighted with high-quality images and clear buttons to go inside the page. The footer site is compact and contains only one important section – information about the founders.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

Almost in the same form, everything is implemented on the mobile and tablet versions of the site. Languages can be switched easily, and information is organized and structured clearly and clearly. When you visit the site from your smartphone or tablet, you will be pleasantly surprised.