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Furniture rental

A wide up-to-date catalog, clear navigation, and a convenient feedback form-all these elements make the site is a modern working tool in the field of renting furniture and accessories for the holiday.



Convenience and mobility


A rentplus is created on the principle of a catalog with an indication of the main positions offered by the company for the organization of the celebration. On the site you can find tents, furniture (tables and chairs), fence posts and Ottomans with photos and the cost per day of rent. You can place an order online using a special form.
Among the company’s additional services is delivery, which allows you to maintain the integrity of the leased equipment. In addition, the rentplus gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with examples of works and reviews about the company.
If a potential client still has questions, you can ask them using the feedback form-leave a message and send it to the company.

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Mobile version of the rentplus allows you to get acquainted with the company’s services in any convenient place, whether it is a cafe or a car. The resource allows you to order equipment and furniture for organizing a holiday using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You only need to connect to the mobile Internet to ask a question or place an order for the required position.