The Website “Portfolio”

Natalia came to us with a difficult task. As a professional artist who works at events such as Eurovision and the UEFA Cup, she has long been looking for developers who will speak the same language with her. After several meetings, we were able to make a schematic prototype and fully understand what her site should be. See below what we got…



Project description


The site turned out to be incredibly graceful and involving us in the atmosphere of light and darkness. The main image was chosen for a reason, Natalia’s main activity is painting on sand. The deep black atmosphere of the entire site conveys a mysterious and inspiring mood of art. And only the works in the portfolio play with bright colors, attracting our eyes. Since the artist works on the territory of the European Union, the site is multilingual so that depending on the country in which the user is located, he sees the corresponding version.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

The mobile and tablet versions of the site have retained all the zest and style. Without any difficulties and distortions, you can enjoy the composition of flowers and juicy photos of the artist’s works by going through the sections of her porftolio on your mobile phone or tablet.