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The goal was to launch a new brand aimed at regional consumers. Show a huge selection of materials and types of stretch ceilings, while communicating that it is available and close to the heart of our people. Based on this, the Belarusian national theme, vyshyvanka and linen were chosen. It is these colors and their shades that We took as the basis for the implementation of this project. And here’s what we got…


Video presentation



We have been searching for a font for the site’s logo and texts for a long time, and we think we have found the perfect one. The logo developed by us best conveys the atmosphere of our ancestors, the true Belarusian people. The visual part is perfectly combined with images of materials, gently complementing it. It is worth noting the particular complexity of the technical implementation of this project. The abundance of sliders and tab blocks is not all that we had to work on. The site is equipped with a “MultiSite” system, which allows you to create an unlimited number of sites inside the admin panel, that is, for each individual product, city or material. A special feature of this project is a photo gallery-it is a development of our Studio. There are filters that allow you to make a clear selection by: groups, types of ceilings, ceiling materials and rooms with the ability to select several parameters at once and product displays without reloading the page (lazy load). In the contacts section, a complex dynamic map with custom labels and the radius of the area where products are sold is implemented. At first glance, it may seem that this is one site, but in fact it is 12 different sites combined into one common portal under the brand “Shlubny”.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

For all sites network “Slubny” was developed by the mobile and tablet versions, which managed to accommodate all the functionality. They have been tested on hundreds of mobile devices on Android and IOS platforms.