We were contacted by a leading manufacturer of stretch ceilings in Belarus. They had the task of launching a new brand for the regions and the most correct decision on their part was to start with the development of a logo and the selection of corporate colors.



Idea and implementation


The main ideas of the brand: accessibility, quality and patriotism. We tried to implement these concepts when working on the logo. First of all, we chose a font, which helped us to convey the patriotism and history of the Belarusian people. Thin, historical, with characteristic serifs, it takes us into the past. It conveys the spirit of the national Belarusian people-flax and “vyshyvanka”. Red was chosen as the main color. First, it is one of the two national colors (red and green are present on the flag of the Republic of Belarus). Secondly, this color sends very strong emotions, it shows strength, drive and energy, and in combination with the font we selected, it softens it. In consequence of the logo lined up and a vision for the future of the site. And here you can see the full picture of the project.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

We managed to achieve the harmony of softness and warmth of our native lands with red energy and drive. In this way, the logo revealed all the qualities that were expected of it. The logo took 11 days to develop.