Corporate site

All employees of our company lead a healthy lifestyle. Some even actively engage in various sports and of course we are always happy to contribute to the development of healthy lifestyle culture. Just for this, the manufacturers of sports trampolines with a handle, a completely new fitness program, turned to us. The task in developing the site was to present the products in a stylish way and combine them with the selling catalog. What came out of it? See for yourself




Beauty and simplicity



Of course, we could not avoid beautiful girls, because of course they are primarily associated with fitness. The site is filled with high-quality photos of sports models and fitness coaches. Since the company not only produces and sells products, but also trains and certifies trainers in the CIS and Europe, relevant sections were created with a full list of information. There is also a section with prices for retail and wholesale customers and a section with consumables. The partner page has a map with addresses in the form of convenient placemarks on the map.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

From mobile phones and tablets, the site looks as neat and interesting as from desktop computers. It is easy to get to any of the sections of the menu, as well as to read all the information on the site without discomfort.