Website of a company selling machine tools

Stankopark company already had its own website by contacting us. But unfortunately it was outdated and did not have modern technical solutions to facilitate working with it and attract the attention of customers. The goal was to revive the old design and bring technology to the control system.


Convenience and mobility


Due to the fact that the company already had its own formed and established corporate style (logo and color scheme), the solution was obvious. We developed two design options and finally settled on the last one. The main screen with a photo of one of the machines available for sale is perfectly combined with a massive logo. The site menu is conveniently placed in the right part of the site header, so as not to merge with the company’s contacts. Site search is hidden in the icon when the button is pressed, an animated appearance of the row that was most convenient to write the search phrase. The next block on the main page is the machines themselves with categories and subcategories. when you click on them, you can get to the General section or to each one separately. Under the products is a design block with brief information about the company and sections with the latest news. The footer is divided into 4 visual parts for easy search of contacts and navigation through the site sections.

разработка сайтов портфолио webber

Despite the complexity of the project due to the large number of products with categories and subcategories, we implemented the mobile and tablet versions as informative as possible. Using the site from portable devices is convenient and pleasant. You can call the company in one click on the phone numbers, and write your message in one click on the email address.